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Prison Life RPG - A Prison Simulation RPG

Prison Life RPG iOS Game Review

Prison Life RPG

Prison Life RPG by Nob Studio is prison simulation role playing game where you plays as a prisoner and your objective is to survive in prison until you are released or have a escape plan to get freedom. There are 100 prisoners to play and each of the prisoners have different set of skills and personal goals, complete prisoners' personal goal to unlock next tier prisoners (11-20) and so on. When you are first timer, you are allow to choose 1-10 prisoners to start with, and for 1-10 prisoners only sentence for 20 days while 11-20 prisoners sentence for 40 days, so I assume the game play will getting longer when you unlock next tier and it gives a lot of replay value to you and me as the play style is too random.

Prison Life RPG

When the game started there is a general tutorial by Cook, the tutorial gives you an idea what is the game play looks like, for example social to make some friends, bully other inmate, fight them, or even kill them! Remember to join a gang as soon as possible to avoid getting bully by random AI inmate, after joined a gang you will at least get protected by your gang members and not so easily get bully by random AI inmate. In order to join gang, prisoner required to improve relationship with the gang with some mastered skills and these skills are default by some prisoners. So I will suggest to start with those prisoners with these mastered skill by default. There are 4 Gangs such as Mobster Gang, Gold Coin Gang, Heart Breakers Gang, and Roses & Guns Gang. Each Gang required one mastered skill, Mobster (Body Building), Gold Coin (Chess), Roses & Guns (Basketball), and Heart Breakers (Social).

Prison Life RPG Mobster gang

Everyday starts with 6AM, lunch at 12PM, shower time at 7PM, and sleeping at 8PM onwards. Each action costs you 1 hour, for example social 1 time with inmate will costs you 1 hour from 6AM to 7AM and will consumes some energy too. Other than that, there are jobs for you to complete to gain frame and money. There are 2 kinds of jobs, 1 is gang jobs which only available after you joined a gang and gang job is available in the morning. Another job is common job which only available during afternoon, these common jobs sometimes are quite challenging and it gives good money and frame. Complete a gang job will earns you gang frame, which is useful to promote your gang ranking.

Prison Life RPG Frame

During lunch time prisoners are given 1 food and 1 dessert, eat food will gives you a boost of energy and some health. You need to have minimum 30 health to stay healthy, if you have less than that I suggest you to buy some food from Heart Breakers Gang shop. During lunch you can take other prisoners' food and dessert, it just like what we saw in TV we can actually threaten them to offer you their food and dessert. Each successful threaten will give you negative relationship to that prisoners and they will hate you. You may eat the food or you may offer the food to other prisoners to improve relationship with other prisoners.

Prison Life RPG Threaten Prisoners' Food

After lunch you will stay at indoor cell to have other part of game play such as you can accept common job, gamble, cheat in gamble, bet in boxing, or watch TV to gain happiness. Common job is controlled by Mobster Gang and some of the jobs give good amount of money and big frame when you completed it, but it comes with challenge. You may get $1000 by killing someone in front of guard, if you did that you will get a special reward, which is stay at prison for a life time (99 years)! So think twice before doing that!

Prison Life RPG 99 years after killing inmate

The only time you can flight and kill inmate without getting caught by guard is during shower. If you wants to fight and kill other inmate, make sure you already master fight, body building, helpers, kills and other skill to give you a boost. If not you may just take shower and leave, just make sure you don't drop soap on the floor!

Prison Life RPG Train Skills

After shower usually you will go back to your sleeping cell, it starts with 4 cell prison and you can upgrade to 2 cell prison or even private suite prison. But before upgrade you need to improve relationship with guard. You can train skills, sleep, crafting items, social, and enjoy D.I.Y magazine to boost your happiness at your sleeping cell. You can train skill during night time, different skill required different stat and consumes 10 energy usually. For example, train body building skill your character required 5 strength, fighter skill required 6 strength and 4 agility. The game will auto save every night when you sleep and there is no auto save during day time, so if you just pick and play then quit the game your progress will not saved [as of version 1].

Prison Life RPG Train Skills Stat Requirement

Prison Life RPG has a lot of nick names, these nick names are considered as in game achievements and some of them are in Game Center achievements. You can tap on each nick name to know how to unlock it. I had completed my first game using Uncle Rico and I got 13/124 nick name, pretty awesome I would say. It also gives player like me to play more as I'm that kind of like to unlock everything in games! Oh yes, character that successful release from prison will wear a T-shirt in main menu that gives you an indicator that you already play with that character.

Prison Life RPG prisoner successful release from prison

Prison Life RPG is premium game without iAP, no internet connection is required. Prison Life RPG has a tons of Game Center achievements to unlock and I like games that comes with Game Center achievements! So if you are like me, this game is for you! Just in case for those who still on the bench to get the game, you may wants to watch a short game play video below. [Prison Life RPG iTunes link]

Thanks for reading my long post! Please let me know what you thinks about this game in comment section!


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