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Imps In Tokyo - Where Dreams Become Solid & Real Things Become Dreams

Imps in Tokyo iOS Game Review

Imps in Tokyo iOS Game Review

Imps in Tokyo is an arcade game based in Tokyo with comic driven story mode develope by We Are Vigilantes and release on 17th Feb 2015.  The game is [1.99] for early adopters and [3.99] for regular price with Trials game mode. So if you like this game better grab now to get early adopters price.

Imps in Tokyo Comic Driven Arcade Game

Imps in Tokyo comes with 5 playable Imps characters and each character comes with own ability and design. 4 Imps are playable at the beginning in the story mode and the other one will be unlocked after reaching certain level in story mode. Here are two of the Imps in the game, Eugene has a tiny dragon wings and damage with tail, it also the only Imp that farts in game! Next, Hester is a big sis and it has a poisonous tail that can slow down piranhas. For me Hester's poisonous tail not really slow down piranhas as the effect shows stun effect on top piranha head so I would say Hester's poisonous tail stun piranhas.

Imps in Tokyo Eugene Fart
Imps in Tokyo Hester Poisonous Tail

Each level you are given 2 imps to choose with and you need to pick one of them to complete the level. Even tho Hester's poisonous tail is very useful but there are certain levels using Eugene is better option than using Hester. Each level has different main objectives, some collect points and some capture piranhas and each level also have some optional objectives, achieve all objectives you will get 3 stars. Getting 1 star from main objective is not a problem, but getting 3 stars from main and optional objectives are not easy as most of the optional objective required to collect all points or defeat all piranhas. There is no problem if you dont get 3 stars, next level will be unlocked as long as  you complete main objective. Getting 3 stars only for hardcore players to unlock achivement in game center so if you like achievement a lot like me, then this game is for you!

Imps in Tokyo Objective
Imps in Tokyo Choose Imps

The game control is using 1 finger to move around and imp will follow your finger. I would suggest play in iPad rather than iPhone. I have a big hand where my hand is bigger than my iPhone 6 Plus, since this game is using finger to move around it would be great if play with iPad. I tried to play this game in both iPad and iPhone, in iPad I have clearer view to collect points and clearer view to avoid spike piranhas compared to my iPhone. Yes, there are two types of piranhas one is without spike and the other one is with spike. You should avoid the one with spike else you will lose one life and each game will gives you 3 life so better becareful with spike piranhas.

Imps in Tokyo Tutorial
Imps in Tokyo Spike

Imps in Tokyo comes with a detailed tutorial to guide new player to understand how to play the game so no worries on how to play the game. Other than complete main and optional objectives, some times you will randomly see a cat appear in game and if you see it, tap on it to rescue the cat. A mini endless game will be unlocked with playable cats character!

Imps in Tokyo iOS Game

I'm one of the beta testers in Imps in Tokyo, you might think this reivew is biased but you can watch Imps in Tokyo game play video below and support developer if you like the game. And thanks developer for putting my name in their credit screen.

Imps in Tokyo Williams Yee Credit

Thanks for reading! Please do let me know what you think about this game in comment section!

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