Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mineralia Highlands - Forth Legion

Micromon Mineralia Highlands
Mineralia Highlands

The moment I looks at this area, it is a snow area/ town. Immediately i think of snow element? But there is no snow element in Micromon, later awhile I found out actually is mineral element. Yes, you will face the last legion member here. I personally feels quests at this town are more compared to previous towns. Maybe this is the last town and more quests challenge before meet last legion member.

Legion Jade

Micromon Mineralia Highlands Legion Jade
Legion Jade's Palace

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Aera Floating - Third Legion

Micromon Aera Floating
Aera Floating

As the name implies, you will face wind element Micromons here. One thing I found out is developer will design the entire town to match with the next legion’s Micromon element. Let’s look at the forth town design then we will know what element will it be. 

Legion Moonborn

Micromon Aera Floating Legion Moonborn
Legion Moon born
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Magma Factory - Second Legion

Micromon Magma Factory
Magma Factory

At here you will face second legion member, which is fire element Micromons. Each legion member will have full / 6 Micromons, so make sure you visit healing center before challenge them. 

Legion Lethar

Micromon Magma Factory
Legion Lethar
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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Navia Port - First Legion

Micromon Navia Port
Navia Port

Your first legion (GYM in Pokemon) is in Navia Port and based on the location or town name you will know the legion’s Micromon element. As the name implies, Navia Port is water element Micromons. Before you challenge each area legion, you are required to complete a sequence of quest / story line then only the game allows you to beat legion. 

Legion Slider 

Micromon Legion Slider
One of quests to find Slider in the cave.
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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Micromon iPhone iPad Game Review


If you familiar with Pokemon, then this game would be suitable for you! Well, I still remember I used to play Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, and Gold in Gameboy when I'm 15. Yes, I played until Pokemon Gold I tried to play Pokemon Crystal, but couldn't carry on as latter version start getting more fancy than traditional Pokemon and I'm kind of old school.

In this review, I will used some Pokemon game terms to link and to compare between Pokemon and Micromon. So if you played Pokemon before you will find those terms very familiar and easily understand. If you don't, no worries you will still understand it quite well.

Without wasting more time
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