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Prison Life RPG - Guides

Prison Life RPG Guides


Prison Life RPG Guides is to provide as detail as possible guide to all prisoners! This post will update from time to time when I found out new tips or trick or new how-to. You can reads Prison Life RPG review here [Prison Life RPG Review]


  1. Which Character is Easy to Play for Beginner?
  2. Join Gang As Soon As Possible
  3. Who to Make Relationship With?
  4. Where to Buy or Get Certain Food or Items?
  5. How to Master A New Skill?
  6. How to Improve Character Stat?
  7. How to Earn Money In Prison Life RPG?
  8. How to Increase Happiness?
  9. All Skills Stat Requirements
  10. How to Escape from Prison?

Which Character is Easy to Play for Beginner?

Let's start with a simple beginner guide for first timer, I would suggest to choose Uncle Rico as playable character. As Uncle Rico is the most easy to play, he has Kiss Ass skill, Social skill, and basketball.

Social skill is good:

  1. Heart Breakers Gang required skill
  2. Improve relationship with inmate

Basketball skill is good:

  1. Roses & Guns Gang required skill, save time to master skill during night time
  2. Required skill during shower in order not to drop soap on floor

Kiss Ass skill is good:
  1. Improve relationship with guards
  2. Improve relationship with guards allow you to change job
  3. Improve relationship with guards allow you to change cell

Join Gang As Soon As Possible

If you choose Uncle Rico as playable character, you can either join Roses & Guns Gang or Heart Breakers Gang. You also can join Mobster and Gold Coin Gang but you needs to master body building and chess skills from other inmate. During day time just head over to either one gang street and improve relationship to 100 then tap on "Join Gang". 

Benefits of Joining Gang:
  1. Reduced random AI inmate bully (Sometimes you may end up getting beat up by them)
  2. Extort money from random inmate
  3. Complete gang job to gain gang frame and promote higher rank in gang
  4. Buy items in your gang shop got discount 20%
Complete as much gang job as possible to get higher rank in Gang as the higher you are the more benefits you will get. Once you have enough gang frame, just head to one of the guards (Forget about his name) during afternoon. He is in-charge of gang matter, talk to him and you will get promoted.

Tips: Give up gang job will reduce your gang frame, so pick job carefully!
Tips: Don't pick big money and high frame job if you don't have kill or fighter skills as most of the time those job required you to kill someone or beat someone. 

Who to Make Relationship With?

This depends on individual style of playing the game, for me I would go learn survivability skill first. For example, fighter, kills, and threaten skills. Since Uncle Rico doesn't have these skill at the beginning so I'm going to make friends with who have these all skills. Let's say I choose Rex (Fighter and Threaten)

After you and Rex have 100 relationship, you need to have certain item to learn skills and different skills need different item. For example to learn fighter skill you needs to have 1 burger. Once you learned fighter skill, it is not mastered yet. You need to mastered it then only available to use.

Since Uncle Rico has Kiss Ass skill, which is good for improve relationship with guards. Improve relationship with guards allow you to change default 4 cell to private cell or change default wash toilet job to kitchen. Besides this, improve relationship with guards will makes your life easily for later game as some guards will help you escape from prison. 

Tips: Try to find someone with more skills that you needed so it will save your energy to make another relationship with other inmate.

Where to Buy or Get Certain Food or Items?

Each Gang have their own shop and each of them selling different items. Each item only allow to buy once per day, so if you have extra money buy some foods every day to stock up.
  1. Mobster Gang - Weapon
  2. Gold Coin Gang - Medicine
  3. Roses & Guns Gang - Tools
  4. Heart Breakers Gang - Food
These shops sell basic items that is used for crafting some more advance items. Crafting is only available before you sleep. Just tap on crafting to see what items you wants to craft. If you don't have the basic items just head to shop respectively to get it on the next day. Some of items in crafting list are required for skill learning. For example to learn fighter skill you needs one burger in your inventory (Bread + Meat). If you don't want to craft it, tap on Burger and it will shows you what other alternatives way to get it. 

If you got nothing to do during day time you can use "Idle", sometimes you will get cockroach or coins from floor. But sometimes you will get nothing, so you either get something or don't get anything. 

Prison Life RPG crafting items required high intelligence
Prison Life RPG crafting items required high intelligence
Prison Life RPG crafting items required high intelligence
Prison Life RPG crafting items required high intelligence

How to Master A New Skill?

After you have 100 relationship with inmate you can either recruit him or learn new skills from him. Select skill that you wants to learn and get the item or food he needs to learn the skill. If you don't have that particular item or food, you can refer previous section on how to get certain item or food. 

Once you learned the skill, it is still unable to use until you master it. You needs to train the skill in order to master it and train skill only available before sleeping time, which is after shower. Train skill required energy too, so if you planned to train skill on that day, stock up with food in Heart Breakers Gang shop.

Don't train so much in 1 day as every time you train you consumes energy and costs you 1 hour. You needs to get enough sleep to regain energy for next day. Let's say you train so much until 4AM then you go to sleep, you only sleep for 2 hours and you only regain 2 hours energy. So do the maths! Once skill is mastered it will shows up in your profile page and you can use the new skill when rolling dice. 

Prison Life RPG mastered skill

How to Improve Character Stat?

Why you need to improve your character stat? This is because some items in crafting requires high intelligent to craft so you need extra intelligent to do it. So far I only found out Mad Doctor in prison clinic able to improve character stat, but I haven't try it out myself. Different stat required different items and required to pay money to improve character stat, is this stat permanent or temporary I'm sure as I haven't got the chance to collect all required items.

So how can I meets Mad Doctor in prison clinic? Easy, just get yourself beat up and lose all your health or lose in boxing championship and you will ended up in prison clinic for 6 hours. 

Prison Life RPG improve luck stat
Prison Life RPG improve strength stat

How to Earn Money In Prison Life RPG?

There are few ways to earn money:
  1. Go to Work (Default would be cleaning toilet)
  2. Gamble
  3. Cheat
  4. Complete Gang job
  5. Complete common job
  6. Win boxing championship
  7. Extort from other inmates
  8. Choose Joker as playable character in Prison 1-10 as he has passive skill to get money everyday! ($200)
Since I started with Uncle Rico and I don't have gamble and cheat skills so both of these alternatives of getting money are out. At the beginning I choose Go to Work, which consume your energy in return to get little money and I think this is totally worthless. After that I earn money from winning boxing championship and completed big money gang job as well as common jobs. 

Winning boxing championship for Uncle Rico sometimes depends on luck as Uncle Rico's strength and agility are considered medium-high-end. So sometimes you will lose to those have higher strength and agility inmates. Once you KO'ed in boxing, you will send to prison clinic. 

Tips: Usually big reward job requires to beat someone up or kill someone. So get yourself fighter, threaten, kill or shaolin kungfu skill first.

Prison Life RPG boxing champion

How to Increase Happiness?

As long as you still staying in prison, every morning when you wake up you will -20 happiness. When happiness below 30 you will get nightmare while sleeping and nightmare will causes you can't sleep well and hence you don't regain much energy on next day. So maintaining happiness is very important. But how to increase happiness?

  1. Buy D.I.Y Magazine everyday at Heart Breakers Gang shop (+30)
  2. Kill someone during shower (+20)
  3. Win boxing championship (+30)
Prison Life RPG Assassinate to gain happiness

All Skills Stat Requirements

Here will list out all stat required for all skills, so that you can have a better plan on which character to choose next and which skills that meet required stat.

Strength Agility Intelligence Charisma
BodyBuilding 5
Basketball 3 4
Chess 5
Joker 3 5
Flirt 4 6
KissAss 4 3
Social 6
LockPick 4 4
Banker 8
Architect 7
Fighter 6 4
Killer 6 4
Threaten 3 3
Stealth 7
Gamble 4 6 2
Disguise 3 3
Shaolin Kungfu 9 9

How to Escape from Prison?

I'm still in the prison when I'm writing this as it time consuming to kiss ass with guards and other inmates to help me out. I will update this section when I success escape from Prison!

Finally I'm successful escape from prison after failed for few times. So I choose to escape prison via stick bay. 

First of all, if you are playing Prison Life RPG by now you should know where to check your escape plan. If you don't know yet, just tap on your own character you will see inventory, my jobs, and escape plan. You will see a lot of pins in escape plan map, those are your options to escape. For example if you choose sick bay as one of your escape pins, it will shows you what are the requirements for you and you just need to choose one out of three options.

Once you had selected your initial pin and decided which option you wants then it will shows you next pin to choose. Some of the escape plans are short and some are long. For example, the plan I took was sick bay to high fence to dogs to low fence to freedom and that was 5 pins.

Once you had selected all the pins you wants to escape, you will notice some of the pins are in red color and some of them are green color. Red pin means option that you had selected is not met or not having such item while green mean you had that skill or item required at that pin. So you need to ensure all your pins are green before escape. There is a button called "Escape Now!" beside help button once all your pins are green. Tap on it and you and your prison break team are now ready to escape.

Prison Life RPG iOS Escape Plan

Prison Life RPG iOS Escape Plan

Check my escape gameplay below and thanks for reading all my guide! I hope my basic guide will help you in Prison Life RPG.

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Prison Life RPG - A Prison Simulation RPG

Prison Life RPG iOS Game Review

Prison Life RPG

Prison Life RPG by Nob Studio is prison simulation role playing game where you plays as a prisoner and your objective is to survive in prison until you are released or have a escape plan to get freedom. There are 100 prisoners to play and each of the prisoners have different set of skills and personal goals, complete prisoners' personal goal to unlock next tier prisoners (11-20) and so on. When you are first timer, you are allow to choose 1-10 prisoners to start with, and for 1-10 prisoners only sentence for 20 days while 11-20 prisoners sentence for 40 days, so I assume the game play will getting longer when you unlock next tier and it gives a lot of replay value to you and me as the play style is too random.

Prison Life RPG

When the game started there is a general tutorial by Cook, the tutorial gives you an idea what is the game play looks like, for example social to make some friends, bully other inmate, fight them, or even kill them! Remember to join a gang as soon as possible to avoid getting bully by random AI inmate, after joined a gang you will at least get protected by your gang members and not so easily get bully by random AI inmate. In order to join gang, prisoner required to improve relationship with the gang with some mastered skills and these skills are default by some prisoners. So I will suggest to start with those prisoners with these mastered skill by default. There are 4 Gangs such as Mobster Gang, Gold Coin Gang, Heart Breakers Gang, and Roses & Guns Gang. Each Gang required one mastered skill, Mobster (Body Building), Gold Coin (Chess), Roses & Guns (Basketball), and Heart Breakers (Social).

Prison Life RPG Mobster gang

Everyday starts with 6AM, lunch at 12PM, shower time at 7PM, and sleeping at 8PM onwards. Each action costs you 1 hour, for example social 1 time with inmate will costs you 1 hour from 6AM to 7AM and will consumes some energy too. Other than that, there are jobs for you to complete to gain frame and money. There are 2 kinds of jobs, 1 is gang jobs which only available after you joined a gang and gang job is available in the morning. Another job is common job which only available during afternoon, these common jobs sometimes are quite challenging and it gives good money and frame. Complete a gang job will earns you gang frame, which is useful to promote your gang ranking.

Prison Life RPG Frame

During lunch time prisoners are given 1 food and 1 dessert, eat food will gives you a boost of energy and some health. You need to have minimum 30 health to stay healthy, if you have less than that I suggest you to buy some food from Heart Breakers Gang shop. During lunch you can take other prisoners' food and dessert, it just like what we saw in TV we can actually threaten them to offer you their food and dessert. Each successful threaten will give you negative relationship to that prisoners and they will hate you. You may eat the food or you may offer the food to other prisoners to improve relationship with other prisoners.

Prison Life RPG Threaten Prisoners' Food

After lunch you will stay at indoor cell to have other part of game play such as you can accept common job, gamble, cheat in gamble, bet in boxing, or watch TV to gain happiness. Common job is controlled by Mobster Gang and some of the jobs give good amount of money and big frame when you completed it, but it comes with challenge. You may get $1000 by killing someone in front of guard, if you did that you will get a special reward, which is stay at prison for a life time (99 years)! So think twice before doing that!

Prison Life RPG 99 years after killing inmate

The only time you can flight and kill inmate without getting caught by guard is during shower. If you wants to fight and kill other inmate, make sure you already master fight, body building, helpers, kills and other skill to give you a boost. If not you may just take shower and leave, just make sure you don't drop soap on the floor!

Prison Life RPG Train Skills

After shower usually you will go back to your sleeping cell, it starts with 4 cell prison and you can upgrade to 2 cell prison or even private suite prison. But before upgrade you need to improve relationship with guard. You can train skills, sleep, crafting items, social, and enjoy D.I.Y magazine to boost your happiness at your sleeping cell. You can train skill during night time, different skill required different stat and consumes 10 energy usually. For example, train body building skill your character required 5 strength, fighter skill required 6 strength and 4 agility. The game will auto save every night when you sleep and there is no auto save during day time, so if you just pick and play then quit the game your progress will not saved [as of version 1].

Prison Life RPG Train Skills Stat Requirement

Prison Life RPG has a lot of nick names, these nick names are considered as in game achievements and some of them are in Game Center achievements. You can tap on each nick name to know how to unlock it. I had completed my first game using Uncle Rico and I got 13/124 nick name, pretty awesome I would say. It also gives player like me to play more as I'm that kind of like to unlock everything in games! Oh yes, character that successful release from prison will wear a T-shirt in main menu that gives you an indicator that you already play with that character.

Prison Life RPG prisoner successful release from prison

Prison Life RPG is premium game without iAP, no internet connection is required. Prison Life RPG has a tons of Game Center achievements to unlock and I like games that comes with Game Center achievements! So if you are like me, this game is for you! Just in case for those who still on the bench to get the game, you may wants to watch a short game play video below. [Prison Life RPG iTunes link]

Thanks for reading my long post! Please let me know what you thinks about this game in comment section!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Imps In Tokyo - Where Dreams Become Solid & Real Things Become Dreams

Imps in Tokyo iOS Game Review

Imps in Tokyo iOS Game Review

Imps in Tokyo is an arcade game based in Tokyo with comic driven story mode develope by We Are Vigilantes and release on 17th Feb 2015.  The game is [1.99] for early adopters and [3.99] for regular price with Trials game mode. So if you like this game better grab now to get early adopters price.

Imps in Tokyo Comic Driven Arcade Game

Imps in Tokyo comes with 5 playable Imps characters and each character comes with own ability and design. 4 Imps are playable at the beginning in the story mode and the other one will be unlocked after reaching certain level in story mode. Here are two of the Imps in the game, Eugene has a tiny dragon wings and damage with tail, it also the only Imp that farts in game! Next, Hester is a big sis and it has a poisonous tail that can slow down piranhas. For me Hester's poisonous tail not really slow down piranhas as the effect shows stun effect on top piranha head so I would say Hester's poisonous tail stun piranhas.

Imps in Tokyo Eugene Fart
Imps in Tokyo Hester Poisonous Tail

Each level you are given 2 imps to choose with and you need to pick one of them to complete the level. Even tho Hester's poisonous tail is very useful but there are certain levels using Eugene is better option than using Hester. Each level has different main objectives, some collect points and some capture piranhas and each level also have some optional objectives, achieve all objectives you will get 3 stars. Getting 1 star from main objective is not a problem, but getting 3 stars from main and optional objectives are not easy as most of the optional objective required to collect all points or defeat all piranhas. There is no problem if you dont get 3 stars, next level will be unlocked as long as  you complete main objective. Getting 3 stars only for hardcore players to unlock achivement in game center so if you like achievement a lot like me, then this game is for you!

Imps in Tokyo Objective
Imps in Tokyo Choose Imps

The game control is using 1 finger to move around and imp will follow your finger. I would suggest play in iPad rather than iPhone. I have a big hand where my hand is bigger than my iPhone 6 Plus, since this game is using finger to move around it would be great if play with iPad. I tried to play this game in both iPad and iPhone, in iPad I have clearer view to collect points and clearer view to avoid spike piranhas compared to my iPhone. Yes, there are two types of piranhas one is without spike and the other one is with spike. You should avoid the one with spike else you will lose one life and each game will gives you 3 life so better becareful with spike piranhas.

Imps in Tokyo Tutorial
Imps in Tokyo Spike

Imps in Tokyo comes with a detailed tutorial to guide new player to understand how to play the game so no worries on how to play the game. Other than complete main and optional objectives, some times you will randomly see a cat appear in game and if you see it, tap on it to rescue the cat. A mini endless game will be unlocked with playable cats character!

Imps in Tokyo iOS Game

I'm one of the beta testers in Imps in Tokyo, you might think this reivew is biased but you can watch Imps in Tokyo game play video below and support developer if you like the game. And thanks developer for putting my name in their credit screen.

Imps in Tokyo Williams Yee Credit

Thanks for reading! Please do let me know what you think about this game in comment section!
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Friday, 13 February 2015

Earn to Die 2 - Drive & Escape From Zombie Apocalypse!

Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 Review

Earn to Die 2 [$1.99]/[Lite] by Not Doppler Pty Limited is a drive your car and hit all zombies that are blocking your way to next pitstop game. The game objective is pretty simple, each game play you earn some money and upgrade your car parts and play the game again until you reached next pitstop or so called checkpoint in this game. Then you will start from the new pitstop and at the end of the level you will get a new vehicle as your reward. New vehicle comes with stock, so you are going to repeat the entire process to earn money and upgrade your car again. Some of you might said this game is so boring and required to grind a lot to upgrade your car. Well, grinding is very general term don't forget the game is fun to play and you are enjoy the game and at the same grinding is part of the progress, right? And this game is great for pick-and-play so I guess you will not play this game for several hours per day, right?

Earn to Die 2 vehicle upgrade

So, there are 8 parts you can upgrade in your car from engine, transmission, wheels, gun, boost, weight, armour, and fuel tank. Each upgrade comes with different upgrade costs and higher level of upgrade required more money. Personally I don't like gun upgrade as it has limited bullets and once it runs out of bullets basically it just become useless. I rather spend the money to upgrade engine or fuel as my primary upgrade. Next would be upgrade my car weight to create more momentum to hit zombies as well as obstacles on the roads. You will see the differences when you upgrade weight in your car, you can compared how your car hit zombies and breaks obstacles before and after upgrade weight.

Earn to Die 2 game play

Each level you will start with a new car, there are lots of cool car and big car to play, so there are lots of different experiences with upgrades! The game play control is pretty good in my opinion and how far you can go in each game sometimes depends on your driving skill too. Sometimes you might landed not so well, or sometimes you broke your car front saw that drops your car performance when you hit a zombie. Sometimes you go for different route and etc.

Earn to die 2 each game summary

There is a hidden tips to get more fuel in game, and this setting by default is OFF so go to setting in main menu and turn on Fuel Station. Fuel Station will pop up when you hit Go! button in garage. You can spend some money to get extra fuel to get you more further in your next game. There is a map to show your overall game progress each time you reached checkpoint or going to next level, from starting point to evacuation point. The big node indicates as level and small node indicate as checkpoint.

Earn to Die 2 game progress

Thanks for reading my post! Please let me know what you think of this game in comment section!
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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Deep Loot - Loot Treasures From Sea Exploration

Deep Loot iOS Game Review

Deep Loot Game Review

Deep Loot by Monster and Monster Ltd is a free game released in July 30th 2014. I haven't play the first release but recent update, which was version 2.0 got my attention on it. Well, I guess it was because loot treasure from random sea exploration that really got my attention. Launch it and played for few games, immediately addicted to it and played the game non stop for about half an hour. Another reason I so into this game was there were plenty of achievements to unlock in this game, so player that love to get achievements point in game center might want to try it!

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hero Emblems - Emblem Location

hero emblems iOS game review

Hero Emblem:

This post is to guide players to get hero's emblem in Hero Emblems. Most of emblems locations are from blue chest box in dungeon (I will keep update this post when I got new hero emblem from treasure box or chest box, you might want to keep an eye on this post :) )

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1. Emblem of Celestial Sword (8th) - The Shayara Kingdom (2nd Visit, 1st Island)


1. Emblem of Ice Wyrm's Feng (6th) - Poseidon's Relic


1. Emblem of Judgement (3rd) - Witch's Residence (2nd Island)
2. Emblem of Flame (5th) - Ancient Labyrinth (2nd Island)
3. Emblem of Omnipotence (8th) - Cave of Devil (5th Island)


1. Emblem of Moonshadow (6th) - Cave of Conch
2. Emblem of Solar (8th) - Cave of Devil (5th Island)

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hero Emblems - A Classic Bejeweled Match 3 Game with RPG Element

Hero Emblems iOS Game Review

hero emblems iOS game review

Hero Emblems ($3.99) by Chun Lung Kuo is a classic bejeweled match 3 game with RPG element. There are plenty of match 3 games in app store and most of them are not bejeweled style of game play. To be honest I'm not interested in Hero Emblems at the beginning when the game was launched until I know it is a bejeweled style of match 3 game. I play a lot bejeweled 3 on my PC back then and because of this bejeweled style, I bought this game.
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Hero Emblems - Hero Skills Location

hero emblems iOS game review

Hero Skills:

This post is to guide players to get hero's skill in Hero Emblems. Most of skill locations are from blue chest box in dungeon.  (I will keep update this post when I got new hero skills from treasure box or chest box, you might want to keep an eye on this post :) )

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Hero Emblems - Emblem Location

Note: All skills and location are in image format.

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