Friday, 13 February 2015

Earn to Die 2 - Drive & Escape From Zombie Apocalypse!

Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 Review

Earn to Die 2 [$1.99]/[Lite] by Not Doppler Pty Limited is a drive your car and hit all zombies that are blocking your way to next pitstop game. The game objective is pretty simple, each game play you earn some money and upgrade your car parts and play the game again until you reached next pitstop or so called checkpoint in this game. Then you will start from the new pitstop and at the end of the level you will get a new vehicle as your reward. New vehicle comes with stock, so you are going to repeat the entire process to earn money and upgrade your car again. Some of you might said this game is so boring and required to grind a lot to upgrade your car. Well, grinding is very general term don't forget the game is fun to play and you are enjoy the game and at the same grinding is part of the progress, right? And this game is great for pick-and-play so I guess you will not play this game for several hours per day, right?

Earn to Die 2 vehicle upgrade

So, there are 8 parts you can upgrade in your car from engine, transmission, wheels, gun, boost, weight, armour, and fuel tank. Each upgrade comes with different upgrade costs and higher level of upgrade required more money. Personally I don't like gun upgrade as it has limited bullets and once it runs out of bullets basically it just become useless. I rather spend the money to upgrade engine or fuel as my primary upgrade. Next would be upgrade my car weight to create more momentum to hit zombies as well as obstacles on the roads. You will see the differences when you upgrade weight in your car, you can compared how your car hit zombies and breaks obstacles before and after upgrade weight.

Earn to Die 2 game play

Each level you will start with a new car, there are lots of cool car and big car to play, so there are lots of different experiences with upgrades! The game play control is pretty good in my opinion and how far you can go in each game sometimes depends on your driving skill too. Sometimes you might landed not so well, or sometimes you broke your car front saw that drops your car performance when you hit a zombie. Sometimes you go for different route and etc.

Earn to die 2 each game summary

There is a hidden tips to get more fuel in game, and this setting by default is OFF so go to setting in main menu and turn on Fuel Station. Fuel Station will pop up when you hit Go! button in garage. You can spend some money to get extra fuel to get you more further in your next game. There is a map to show your overall game progress each time you reached checkpoint or going to next level, from starting point to evacuation point. The big node indicates as level and small node indicate as checkpoint.

Earn to Die 2 game progress

Thanks for reading my post! Please let me know what you think of this game in comment section!


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