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The Hate and Love of Playing SimCity BuildIt iOS Game

The Hate and Love of Playing SumCity BuildIt

Dreamland williams yee

I have been playing SimCity BuildIt for about 1 year plus and I still love to play it on my iPhone. I love playing SimCity series on my PC when I was a kid back then. I was so excited when I got to know that SimCity was available in iOS. Due to extreme excitement over the game I started to play non stop for few hours and keep on build, design, and level up to unlock more items to craft and so on.

I hit my first pay wall - not enough storage and it is difficult to get storage items as well in global trade market. Then I quickly search online on tips, guide, and strategy to play this game. There are plenty of tips out there and I spent few hours to look through, after read enough i decide to unlock all storage before proceed to level up my city again. So, I start to spend time at global trade market, join SimCity BuildIt facebook group, adding GameCenter friends and so on to exchange storage items. I thought I could make it to unlock all storage items but eventually I got burn out and get bored about the game then delete it from my phone and leave all related facebook groups.

After few months, I started to miss this game and download again. This time I still insists to unlock all storage items before proceed to level up my city. At the same time, SimCity BuildIt launch new Paris town with even more items to collect from airport. This got me fall in love again, I unlock Paris airport and manage to collect few Paris building items and sell it in global trade market to earn some money. Again after few weeks I got bored as well due to keep on unlock storage items in global trade market. This time I leave it on my phone and I know I will revisit the game after few months. Well, I really know myself well, I play it again when SimCity launch London town and I unlock London airport and manage to collect London building items. It got me jealous when people show off London eye or Eiffel Tower over the internet.

After few months with London I put this game aside again until it launch Contest of Mayors! I found this Contest of Mayors is very interested concept to earn speedup and golden key. The best part of Contest of Mayors is each league only compete against with same level players around the world at least there is a chance I can get top 3 to win some great prize from there! 5 days Contest of Mayors are my first priority to build, launch disaster, collect, and so on instead of focus on air cargo or ship cargo. I hope one day I could win first place in Megalopolitan League to get 2000 sim cash! That would be awesome and I can unlock lots of sim cash decoration!

This Contest of Mayors keep me playing for few weeks before I stop again. Fast forward to latest update which is the Future City and drones flying in the city! Oh, I love this update the most compared to all previous update, of course every new update give me some interest to play for awhile. Even tho I love future city so much but my level still far to unlock future city! I search a little about future city and it seems there is a new currency and new storage are introduced in future city update. I hope this will be easy to unlock and getting future city items will be cheap.

Since unlocking max storage is such a long way to go, along the way I slowly collect land expansion and Vu's tower required items and unlock them slowly without try to "hunt" in global trade market. Currently my Vu's tower is level 14 and my land expansion is about to complete. Oh, I give up on sea expansion for now as it required more quantity per items to unlock and this will restrict me to collect storage items. Sea expansion will be my next project to unlock after complete storage capacity.

That's all for this time, I will update in future when I feel to write more about SimCity BuildIt. Thanks for spending time to read my blog, please do comment below to share what is your thought and what is your hate and love playing SimCity BuildIt game.

In a nut shell:

The Hate:

  1. Stop level up my city for long time to restrict new items needed in air cargo or ship cargo so I can focus to unlock max storage.
  2. Need to be very patient to spend lots of time to unlock storage without using simcash

The Love:
  1. Love every new update that introduce new features for example Paris, London, Mountain, Contest of Mayors, Future City, and so on
  2. Compete with same city level players in Contest of Mayors to earn awesome reward
  3. Love to see hot air balloon, helicopter, drones flying

My SimCity BuildIt Profile:
Town: Dreamland
City Level: 17 (almost 18)
Game Center ID: williamsyee

Dreamland williams yee

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Top 5 Guides & Tips - Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari

Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari (By Featherweight Games Pty Limited)

Rodeo Stampede is a endless running game + "capture" wild animal to your zoo in the sky safari! You plays as cowboy or cowgirl (customize at the beginning of the game) and hop from one animal to another animal for endless running. There are many zones in Rodeo Stampede and each zone will have different wild animal for you to capture. If you notice "New" wording blinking on top of wild animal head that mean that wild animal is new and you can capture it. Only those animals with "New" are able to capture.

Once you hop on a new wild animal, it will takes few second to capture it successful . However, during the capture progress in case you hit any obstacles or other animals, it will fail and you are game over. So take note on this and avoid this especially when you found a new rare wild animal. The wild animal will be available in your sky zoo once successful capture it. Then head to your sky zoo and start build habitat or upgrade existing habitat level to unlock more upgrades.

Quick Tips:

Tips #1: Build Habitat As Soon As Possible
Build a new habitat as soon as possible you capture a new type of wild animal. Build habitat required some coins so always keep like 100-150 coins. New habitat with new animal will help you earn coins during zoo operating hour.

Tips #2: Hop From Animal to Animal
You need to hop from one animal to another animal before the animal get mad with red "!" icon on their head. Some animals when they get mad they will slow you down, throw you off in random direction, and etc. So hop form one animal to another animal the moment you notice red "!" icon on their head.

Tips #3: Abuse Ostrich Red "!" Mark
Yes, you read it right, this tip is totally contradiction with Tips #2 above. Why? Other animals will slow you or throw you off, but Ostrich will speed up when they are mad - They Run Very Fast! 
So ride on Ostrich to enjoy the speeding and you just need to pay more attention on front obstacle and avoid crowd animals.

Tips #4: Coins, Coins, Coins!
You need lots of coins in Rodeo Stampede such as build habitat, upgrade habitat, and explore + expand new area to capture new type of wild animals. Luckily there few options to earn coins - iAP (double coins for zoo business, or lump sum of coins), get double rewards coins when you watch ads for 30 seconds, complete mission to earn some coins, and hit crates to get some coins. (So far only found out these method to earn coins, it might have more i'm not sure)

Tips #5: Pick Starting Animal to Ride
Since you capture so many types of wild animals and you are allow to pick your starting animal to run along with you. Just head to your sky zoo and pick a habitat and tap on animal paw icon and tap on "Ride" button.

Thanks for reading my Guide & Tips post, let me know in the comment below if you found a better tips to play Rodeo Stampede!
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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Gem Hunters - Match 3 Puzzle iOS Game with RPG Elements

Gem Hunters iOS Game Review

Gem Hunters (Free with iAP) by Armor Games, is a turn based match 3 puzzle iOS game with RPG elements. There are 3 playable characters to choose from Rogue, Wizard, and Knight. Each character specialise in different area for example, rogue increase attack 20%, wizard increase magic 20%, and knight increase defence 20%. Once players selected character, there is a short intro and tutorial to guide players to familiarised the game play and the interface.

The game play is pretty easy match at least 3 same elements (color) gem and players are able to match by diagonal direction as well. Each color represent 1 element and different monster / boss have resist / weak against certain elements. Attack will increased when players attack monster / boss with effective gem at the same time attack will reduced when player attack monster / boss with less effective gem. There would be a "Star" Gem when players match 7 same color gems in a single turn. "Star" Gem + match 3 gem will create a critical attack to monster / boss.
Note: Please use "Star" Gem + gem that monster weak against to boost players attack.

The game also offers 4 equipment slots to allow players to equip weapons, armours, or skills (Spirit Animal). There are no restriction to which slot to equip which equipment. Players are allow to equip 4 weapons or 4 skills. Each item comes with common (white), uncommon (green), and rare (purple) Note: So far I only manage to get rare, i'm not sure any higher grade equipment beyond rare.
In order to activate skills, players are required to collect a number of element gem during the battle. For example, a skill that required 20 green gem to activate the skills.

Equipments are upgradeable and different elements required different set of orb to upgrade. Upgrade material dropped from battle with monsters or players (Arena, discuss more below) after player win the battle. Equipment too dropped from battle with monster or players but the chances are quite rare. Equipments come with boost (special effect) such as 5% chances to stun enemy, chances to heal your character, and so on. Besides, equipment comes with some basic stat such as attack, magic, and defence. Those states will increase by upgrade the equipment with upgrade material dropped from monster. The higher level of upgrade the number of quantity material to upgrade will increase as well. There is another way to get new equipments which is using iAP to unlock chest. It costs 25 iAP currency (Gem) to unlock it, 20 Gems = USD 1.99.

Character comes with level and experience feature and players able to decide which stat (attach, defence, magic) to up every time character levelled up. So players are freely to customised what type of character that fit their play style.

Next, the most interesting and competitive feature in Gem Hunters - Arena which also known as PVP (not real time). Each battle won to gain some points and this points will define players ranking in the Arena. Higher ranking in the Arena will get rare equipment after Arena is ended. There is a time period in Arena menu so players able to know when the Arena will end.

There is no limit for players to keep on challenge in Arena as long as players win the battle, for every battle players lose 1 live will lost and each live is required 10 minutes to generate. This live system affects in both Arena and story mode. There is no effective and ineffective element when PVP in arena so to win basically need high attack, "Star" Gems, some luck when system generate element gem. Each time players are given 2 turns

The game do integrate friend feature such as add friend by using code and not sure what is the actual function as for now there is no function to summon your friend to help you on battle. So if you are reading this, this is my friend ID: a91ac235

One issue found - some times the game pop up "No Internet Connection" when I win battle, I have a good wifi signal and I have a strong telco signal when I play without wifi. If you cancel, your progress of this battle will not save, so what I do was put it there for 1 or 2 minutes and press retry again. I will keep on retry until success as some times I won the boss stage which I plan to play that stage again.

In a nut shell, if you are a fan of match 3 puzzle like me - try this game! It is fun and challenging at the same.

Above review is based on version 1.15.1. If any part of the review above is not valid in latest version, kindly comment below. Thanks for reading my long post! Please let me know what you thinks about this game in comment section!

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