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Top 5 Guides & Tips - Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari

Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari (By Featherweight Games Pty Limited)

Rodeo Stampede is a endless running game + "capture" wild animal to your zoo in the sky safari! You plays as cowboy or cowgirl (customize at the beginning of the game) and hop from one animal to another animal for endless running. There are many zones in Rodeo Stampede and each zone will have different wild animal for you to capture. If you notice "New" wording blinking on top of wild animal head that mean that wild animal is new and you can capture it. Only those animals with "New" are able to capture.

Once you hop on a new wild animal, it will takes few second to capture it successful . However, during the capture progress in case you hit any obstacles or other animals, it will fail and you are game over. So take note on this and avoid this especially when you found a new rare wild animal. The wild animal will be available in your sky zoo once successful capture it. Then head to your sky zoo and start build habitat or upgrade existing habitat level to unlock more upgrades.

Quick Tips:

Tips #1: Build Habitat As Soon As Possible
Build a new habitat as soon as possible you capture a new type of wild animal. Build habitat required some coins so always keep like 100-150 coins. New habitat with new animal will help you earn coins during zoo operating hour.

Tips #2: Hop From Animal to Animal
You need to hop from one animal to another animal before the animal get mad with red "!" icon on their head. Some animals when they get mad they will slow you down, throw you off in random direction, and etc. So hop form one animal to another animal the moment you notice red "!" icon on their head.

Tips #3: Abuse Ostrich Red "!" Mark
Yes, you read it right, this tip is totally contradiction with Tips #2 above. Why? Other animals will slow you or throw you off, but Ostrich will speed up when they are mad - They Run Very Fast! 
So ride on Ostrich to enjoy the speeding and you just need to pay more attention on front obstacle and avoid crowd animals.

Tips #4: Coins, Coins, Coins!
You need lots of coins in Rodeo Stampede such as build habitat, upgrade habitat, and explore + expand new area to capture new type of wild animals. Luckily there few options to earn coins - iAP (double coins for zoo business, or lump sum of coins), get double rewards coins when you watch ads for 30 seconds, complete mission to earn some coins, and hit crates to get some coins. (So far only found out these method to earn coins, it might have more i'm not sure)

Tips #5: Pick Starting Animal to Ride
Since you capture so many types of wild animals and you are allow to pick your starting animal to run along with you. Just head to your sky zoo and pick a habitat and tap on animal paw icon and tap on "Ride" button.

Thanks for reading my Guide & Tips post, let me know in the comment below if you found a better tips to play Rodeo Stampede!


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